Homes and Hearts

august 7, 2014

Back to reality here in South Africa and finally ready to reflect on my two homes and all the hearts included.

Three weeks in America, three cities, two churches, two camps, ten sermons, hundreds of high school students, a bunch of beloved church folks, the most supportive friends, and my super loving family.

It was FULL and it was RICH.

Little sweet Kieren soaked up so much great time with her cousin Kylie and all my family and friends.  She was loved, spoiled, and treated like royalty.  I didn’t mind one bit.

The purpose of the trip was ministry at camps and meeting with churches, but the gift of the trip was time in the sunshine and lots of love.

 I was able to pour out in ministry and preach God’s word but we were both refreshed and renewed in the summer sunshine.

There were so many words shared and said.  So many people I was able to spend time with.  We were loved and we loved.

This life continues to be a mystery to me.  I have no idea how to hold it all in my heart.  How to hold two homes and to love all these people well.  God has given us such an incredible community of ‘SENDERS.’  Those who have sent us to South Africa to the mission field and who continue to make it possible for us to minster.  It’s way beyond financial provision, even though that makes it all work on the ground, but our community in the USA cheers us on and prays through every high and low with us.  And then back here in Africa we had an army of people loving on Casey and Keller.  They did incredible with us away and Keller even pushed forward in his milestones.  We are never alone and we always have someone to celebrate with.

Thank you, those of you at BOTH our homes for the ways you hold our hearts.  We are so blessed to be on this journey with you.

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