The Pictures Not Taken

February 27, 2015

If you follow me on social media you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking and posting pictures.  Love it.  I love sharing my story, my family, and my world.  I think I am privileged to live such a beautiful life and am grateful that it’s mine to share.

However, I want you to know about the pictures that I don’t take and the stories I don’t share.

Daily our home is filled with people who come to visit our children and stop by to say hello.

Daily our home is filled with people who come desperately needing their next meal ask for our help.

As we walk the streets we see neighbors and friends and chat about how much we love Ocean View.

As we walk the streets we see neighbors and friends addicted and broken and struggling to make it moment by moment.

In our ministries we see children, women, young men, and leaders growing and flourishing towards their destinies in Christ.

In our ministries we see many people who feel they just can’t live up to what God has dreamed for them and give up before their destiny is realized.

In the pictures I take you see people who are my heroes who are living lives honoring and following Christ despite great challenges and hardships.

What is not in my pictures are the people, also still my heroes, who can’t today live lives that fully honor Christ but live with hearts that are FULLY LOVED BY CHRIST even in their brokenness.

I LOVE OCEAN VIEW and I love to celebrate the work God is doing here.  I will continue to shout it from the rooftops because God is working miracles in my midst and He deserves complete praise and glory.

I LOVE OCEAN VIEW and daily I walk beside people whose stories are not finished yet and still have a way to go in their journey.  My story isn’t finished yet either and there are many places that aren’t healed yet too.  Together we walk and we pray and we cling to the hope that Jesus will save and heal and make our hearts whole.

So I will continue to share many pictures and stories, but know there are so very many more that can’t be told yet because I want to honor my friends in the midst of their miracles.  We are ALL in the MIDST OF SOME MIRACLES and together we walk until they are fully realized and fully told.

What miracles are you in the midst of?

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