Book Review: Subversive Jesus

This life we live in Ocean View was first a dream and a vision for many years as 'incarnational living.'  Incarnational mission is not new but simply is living among the people you serve, and is done by people around the world.  We dreamed that we wouldn't be just missionaries who had separate lives from those we served but that we would actually be neighbors and friends and even family with those who we served.  We are deeply grateful for people who have lived out their beliefs in real and radical ways before we tried, and Craig Greenfield is one of those people.  When we first visited South Africa in 2008 and began dreaming of living in Ocean VIew, someone recommended his book "Urban Halo" and through his story of living in the slums of Cambodia God gave us the courage to live in Ocean View.  Now Ocean View is our neighborhood, our friends and our family.  When Craig began to speak on social media about his next book, I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of his book launch team and knew immediately that his next group of stories and teaching would again form my life mission.  

His book "Subversive Jesus" just recently came out and again his words and life story have profoundly impacted me once again.

I resonated with Craig's book right from the beginning.  He says, "…People thought we were noble, but a little bit weird."  Amen to that brother.  This book was both tale of life from an authentically communal mission field and challenge deep into the hearts of where our faith and life meet.  I was moved by Craig's humbling stories of his life and family following what they felt Jesus telling them to do.  Their life is an example of life on mission lived passionately and with guts.  Chapter after chapter I was profoundly personally challenged in my life and ministry and will be something I use to challenge those around me.  

"Dismantle the fences you have erected around family, tribe, and nation so that God can expand your vision until you see everyone as part of the extended family of God."

think it's time for a radical view of family and a radical view of the body of Christ and Craig's story shows how this could be lived out and helps you to begin to dream how it could be real in your own context.

can't recommend this book highly enough and am thankful for the prophets in our world that point us forward and prompt us deeper.