We Need Each Other

We just need each other. 

Today I was in a group of women and we were focusing on early childhood development, but honestly it could have been a group talking about anything.  That space is simply sacred: the space when women come together to learn, to grow, to pray, to seek, to laugh, to cry.  We did all those things together today but one brave woman really opened up her heart, was vulnerable and let us into her broken places.  I was in awe because it’s so hard to say “I am not okay.”  We would rather do ANYTHING than say we are not okay, even if we could not be more undone if we tried.  It’s hard to be broken and its even harder to SAY that we are broken.  But in this sacred space this woman did admit and we came around her and shared and talked and listened. 

It was special. 

It was sacred. 

It didn’t fix or solve anything but it did show her that she wasn’t alone.  She wasn’t crazy.  She wasn’t the WORST.  She found a little bit of hope and a little bit of strength in her sharing and she learned she could keep trying. 

I have been reminded over and over again lately that we simply need one another.  We can’t go it alone.  Shame and grief tell us to hide, tell us we are alone, tell us we are the only one, tell us that we can’t overcome.  But shame and grief are liars and they don’t have to final voice.  WE DO.  We have to open up.  We have to come alongside others.  We have to open up.  We have to find that hope.  And we have to keep going forward together.

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