Fake Laughs

August 26, 2014

Keller and Kieren are loving their life.  And I know this because of the sounds they are making throughout the day.  They are both filled with LAUGHTER.

I am noticing it recently because as Keller begins to learn words and communicate with us, he often says a word and then laughs afterwards at himself.  Okay, it’s a FAKE LAUGH, but a laugh nonetheless.  I think this is incredibly perfect and awesome.

Keller has learned in our family that one of our values is LAUGHTER and we also value MAKING EACH OTHER LAUGH.

So he is already striving in his little brain, AS HE LEARNS TO COMMUNICATE through great difficulty, that one of his goals in communication is to make people laugh.

How great is THAT??

So lately Kieren and Keller are LAUGHING all the time and trying to make each other laugh.

They love being together and playing together.  And they LOVE TO LAUGH.  Kieren is constantly attempting to make her brother laugh by tickling, saying funny things, and playing with him.  What I am noticing lately is that Keller is laughing ALL THE TIME.  FOR NO REASON.

I call it ‘fake laughing.’

He frequently is walking around the house babbling to himself and then laughing. He looks at you and says something and laughs.  And Keller constantly is laughing at things he is watching or in reaction to another person.  This boy LOVES TO LAUGH and he LOVES TO FAKE LAUGH.

Evidently laughing is a highly regarded emotional response in this home.

My hearts bursts that my home is filled with laughter.  From early in the morning until the kids go to bed this home is brimming over with laughs and giggles.  To me laughter is one of the greatest gifts in this life and I love that my little people are valuing it already.  Even if it’s forced and fake, I’ll take this laughter any day.

These sweet kiddos remind me how healing laughter can be.  How laughter can change a mood, change the day, change the room and change a heart.  It is a rule in the Prince home that we must laugh every day… a LOT.

thank you Jesus for LAUGHTER.

“What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul.”  ~Yiddish Proverb