We are the Prince family made up of Casey, Sarah, Kieren and Keller.  We are American missionaries from Raleigh, NC who are serving in South Africa.

Casey is the co-founder of Ubuntu Football and Sarah is a pastor, community developer, and lover of people.  Kieren is a rambunctious little girl and Keller a spunky toddler thrown into our beautiful and crazy world. We serve in the township of Ocean View, a colored (the politically correct term here for mixed race) township south of Cape Town, South Africa.

When we first moved to South Africa in 2009 we made a commitment to be missionaries for at least three years.  We felt like that would give us long enough to really dig into the communities we were serving, grow relationships, and make a little bit of impact.  As we began to live here in Africa it quickly became clear that God would want us here longer, and now we feel that we will be in South Africa indefinitely.  When we first moved here we wanted to live among the people we served, with an incarnational ministry model we had seen exhibited by other ministries.  We were aware that it was possible it could not work for us to live in the community of Ocean View but we had to try!  Six years later we are still living in Ocean View, the one white family in 40,000 mix raced (colored) persons and we love it.  We feel that we are part of the community now and it’s not just our neighbors but our family.  As we have practiced this incarnational ministry ourselves we have learned more about the potential impact of being ‘relocators’ to Ocean View. 

This idea comes from the work and theology of John Perkins.  He formed the Christian Community Development Association and they write this about ministry:

“Many of our communities have been neglected and left to deteriorate for decades. Sadly, the church of Jesus Christ has at best sat back and watched this happen. In many areas, it has even contributed to the problem. A new generation of Christians are faced with a question about how they will respond to the troubles of the poor and under-resourced communities today. The desperate conditions that face the poor call for a revolution in the church's approach to the problem.  Through years of experience among the poor, many have come to see that these desperate problems cannot be solved without strong commitment and risky actions on the part of ordinary Christians with heroic faith.

There have been many attempts by "outsiders" to alleviate the problems, but most have fallen short of lasting change. Rather, the most creative long-term solutions to the problems of the poor are coming from grassroots and church-based efforts. The solutions are coming from people who see themselves as the replacements, the agents, for Jesus here on earth, in their own neighborhoods and communities.”

In 2014, Keller was diagnosed here in Africa as mild to moderate on the autism spectrum.  Since then we have turned into autism warrior parents and sought to give Keller the best support and therapies he can get.  Here in Cape Town, he has received PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) therapy, speech therapy, behavior therapy, ABA (Applied Behavior Therapy) and Occupational therapy.  It has been a tumultuous journey because we are far from our family here in Africa yet God has given us an incredibly close community here that we consider family.  We love to share our journey about autism and support others here in Africa and back in America!

Look Listen Love was created as a way to share our family’s journey in missions and to teach others how to live missionally as we learn ourselves.  We believe we should follow the model of Jesus as written in John 1:14 says, “So the Word became human and made his home among us. He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness. And we have seen his glory, the glory of the Father’s one and only Son.”  

We would love you to consider donating to our ministry in South Africa. God has called us to Africa but we want you on our journey and could never do it without the support of others! Join us today!


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