the Ministry of Motherhood

I am not the first to have this realization, and it's not even my first time having this awakening, but lately my heart has awakened to the utter profundity of the ministry of motherhood.

I have always known I was called for ministry.

When I was in college, one night at a ministry revival I felt God tell me that my life was going to be devoted to the ministry of telling people about Him.  First I planned on being a worship leader and youth pastor, but that quickly fell through when I learned I couldn't play guitar or sing and needed too many naps for youth.  Then I was going to be a young adults pastor, then focused on small groups, then looked mostly at teaching, then teaching in a college setting, then women's ministry, then ministry to the poor, then then then….

Ministry in my world in a common sense of the word continues to evolve in my life and heart; and seems it will not be a place that I arrive in but rather the journey of serving Jesus and others.

And yet, my most profound and important ministry happens every day in my home.  The two beautiful children God has given me and the incredible husband whom I married are my primary ministry   A ministry that is so easy to not take seriously, so easy to overlook, so easy to ignore, so easy to wish away.  Motherhood is the most exhausting, time consuming, frustrating, and soul-stretching ministry I have ever embarked on.  I never knew what a ministry it really would be and what an incredibly great and precious thing God entrusted me with as a mother.  There are few thank-you's and rewards and many times I feel broken in the blaringly clear mistakes I have made.

But motherhood is the place where I see God the most at work, and find myself most forgiven as I fall short of what is needed of me.  God daily shows me love, life and laughter through my children.  Over and over again I am forgiven by my husband and reminded of the beauty of God as I look into my children's eyes.  The ministry is not something still to come but the full plate of today and it is an utter gift from God.

May we joyfully receive what God has given us today; and for me, today I fully embrace the ministry of motherhood.  Thank you Jesus.