Heroes Meeting Heroes

Still reflecting on the beauty and goodness of God this weekend at the Hillsong Colour Conference.

One special part of the weekend is a Pastor’s Network Tea that they host for the pastors and key leaders who bring groups to the Colour Conference.  This is such a special event that I have been privileged to attend since the conference started here in Cape Town four years ago.  This tea is now HUGE and was held at a beautiful hotel this year.  I decided to bring my ‘posse’ (HA!) and so brought our youth pastor and my soul sister, Chevonne Lawrence.

We drank tea, had lovely food, and heard from some key leaders and speakers.  It was encouraging, special, and just gorgeous.  What an honor to be a part of such an event and hear from the heart of Bobbie Houston and those who are running the Colour Conference.

Afterwards Chevonne and I stayed around to chat with some people, and as many left, we found ourselves talking right next to some of the key speakers and leaders in the conference.  You know that I am not shy, so I asked for some pictures.

Here Chevonne and I are with Bobbie Houston and Holly Wagner

Then as we were leaving I asked another speaker, Lisa Bevere, if she would take a picture with Chevonne.  Of course she graciously obliged, just another photo with another beautiful girl attending the conference.

But it was a moment in time for Chevonne, as Lisa is one of her all-time heroes in the faith.  Lisa’s books and messages online have profoundly impacted Chevonne’s faith and she was elated to meet this great woman of the faith.

It was so fascinating for me to watch, because as we met these women, I early introduced Chevonne to them said how SHE was a hero of my faith.  Here was Chevonne, star-struck over these famous Christian women, but truly, Chevonne who causes me to be in awe.

Chevonne is an everyday woman, who is living her life with obedience to God when it is very difficult.  She is holding promises God has made to her deep in her heart even though she can’t see how they will ever come to fruition.  She is an incredible REAL-LIFE example to so many young women in Ocean View, showing them how to truly live out their faith in Jesus.

You see, even though Chevonne was meeting her heroes, Chevonne is MY hero.  She lives with great beauty and grace every day of her life.  No one sees her, but I do.  She is beautiful and she is a hero.

Heroes meeting heroes.  I am thankful for the great women of the Christian faith all they have taught me, but I am thankful that my real everyday life is filled with Chevonne and other Ocean View heroes, because they inspire me and show me how to live true faith