Sunsets and Snuggles

This weekend was one for the record books.  We have been having the harshest winter Cape Town has experienced in a long time, which for us means long dark nights, LOTS of rain, sideways rain, crazy wind, and cold, cold days.   They call it the ‘Cape of Storms.’  Boo.

And we don’t have any indoor heating anywhere.  So imagine coming inside and it’s just as cold as outside.  You use blankets on blankets on blankets.  I sleep with gloves on many nights (super cool).  You become best friends with one of these: a hot water bottle.  A rubber bottle that you fill with hot water and keep in your bed all night.  It’s your snuggly new best friend.

But then… oh but THEN… winter gets lost for a couple days and the heavens rain down in glorious SUNSHINE!!


When it is nice we run outside and play and try to soak up EVERY OUNCE of the warm goodness.

We are still loving having our sweet niece Hannah here visiting and so we took her to the city to take in some of Cape Town’s fun sites.  We went to the District 6 Museum, played at the beautiful Greenpoint Park, walked around the V&A Waterfront, and finished the day by hiking up Lion’s Head which gives you a perfect view of all of Cape Town for the sunset.


It’s so fun to make new memories with our family and the cherry on top was that Casey helped Kieren (and her sweet friend Leah) make it ALL THE WAY to the top of the mountain!  It’s very steep and hard climbing so we are VERY proud of her.  Super DAD strikes again!

Living in such a cold climate that can be so harsh makes you really enjoy the warm and sunny days.  It makes you jump for joy and create memories when you get a chance.  When the days are cold and harsh, rather than complain, we try to get more snuggles in and focus our thankfulness on our strong roof and dry floor.  Life is all about perspective, and we all have SO MUCH to be thankful for.

So here’s to days of sunshine and days of snuggles.  To the days that are warm and the days that are cold.  For the days that are joyful and the ones that are dark.  May we find the joy in them all.