The Big Sister

(Written on Thursday, March 6, 2014)

This morning we told Kieren.

We had to sit down our sweet, angelic, fun little girl and tell her that her little brother has special needs.

Kieren is only five, so there is only so much of this she can even understand, but I couldn’t help but gaze into her beautiful eyes as she listened to her daddy and nodded in understanding.

We told her that Keller is different, and his brain works differently.  Keller isn’t naughty but doesn’t learn the same way other kids do and will need special help with it.  Keller needs special patience and love from us because of how he has been made.

No parent should have to have this conversation with their daughter.

I can’t help but think of how Kieren shouldn’t have to give up so much.  She shouldn’t have to be patient when her brother can’t share.  It shouldn’t be normal that her brother is crying every time we leave somewhere.  It shouldn’t be that her brother gets so much attention and NEEDS so much attention every day.

But we don’t get to create our normal.  Keller and autism will be our new normal.  Her new normal will be therapies and strategies to help Keller.

But if there was ever a big sister who could rise to this challenge, it would be Kieren Joy Prince.

Kieren is full of compassion, creativity, laughter, and faith.  She will be the perfect BIG SISTER.

Thank you Jesus for the challenges and the difficulties and bringing us ALL on the ride.