Be Themselves

Oh life as a mom.

Some days it fills you with such joy and some days you finish and you are FINISHED.

I have had some of both lately.

But thinking a lot about how I love my kids.  And really, how I love ALL people.  When you are a parent you have such huge dreams for your children.  You see all they could be.  You see them in their best and most beautiful moments.  You stare at their perfect little faces and think they are a treasure.

And then sometimes they are crazy and “not so perfect.”

We are in a journey with Keller.  Learning he is an extreme introvert and hates new things and lots of people.  That’s fine except we LIVE IN OCEAN VIEW.

Our house is a train station, our life is ministry, and the people of Ocean View want to love on Keller.  Most times he says “NO NO” to them if they even attempt to look at him.  LITERALLY.

How do I love Keller for who he is and yet help him to grow to all he can become?

And GOSH, how can I do that for ALL THE PEOPLE in my life that I love??

Sometimes we love people with stipulation.  We love them when they perform or are on their best behavior.  Keller is never on his best behavior and yet my momma heart SWELLS with love for him.

I want my heart to swell with love for all people.  Just as they are.  Right where they are at.  I want to love them purely and yet also encourage them to grow to be all they can become.  And I want to walk with them as they do that.

That will surely be my path with Keller.  Loving him as he is and walking with him as he becomes all God created him to be.  I can’t wait.

And I realize that my heart too is changed in this kind of loving.  Noticing finally that GOD loved me just as I am and walks with me to all I become.