Last weekend we held our annual “Kieren Birthday Fiesta” to celebrate our sweet princess.

Everyone is welcome.  Seriously.  If you didn’t get an invite then you better let me know for next year.

It’s such a joy to gather with our WIERD and WILD community and just be together.  We spoil Kieren, we eat Mexican food, we knock open a pinata, we make new friends, we laugh, and we make a crazy mess.

It’s seriously the best.

On a side note, Keller HATED it.  Our sweet little man is showing his introverted colors these days and loathed all the people filling his normally peaceful home.  But Kieren LOVED every second.

After the food was eaten, house cleaned, decorations put away, and every guest gone, we asked ourselves WHY DO WE DO THIS??

For me, it’s all about the people.

To have one afternoon where most of my favorite people are all together eating and laughing, is a piece of heaven for me.

I also have some strong introverted feelings in my heart, but something changes in me once a year and I rejoice in a home full of people and  love.

So happy birthday Kieren Joy, and thank you to all our community who celebrated so well.