August 13, 2014

Hooray for these days.

Since Keller is involved in therapy for most of his days and is always being pushed forward, he is very accustomed to people clapping and cheering for him.  So he cheers for himself very often too.  It’s pretty awesome.

Hooray for Keller.

Hooray for therapies.  Hooray for THERAPISTS.  Hooray for friends who come into our house daily and love on Keller.  Hooray for information and advances and organizations and lots and lots of information about autism.  Hooray for Keller working so hard every day to grow and learn.  Hooray.

Hooray for Kieren

Hooray for her little voice and her sweet little face.  Hooray for her overbite that is cute… for now.  Hooray for how much she loves friends and EVERY person that enters into our home.  Hooray for how smart her little brain is and how she is loving reading and math.  Hooray for all of Kieren’s little hugs.  Hooray.

Hooray for SUNNY DAYS.

Ya’ll it’s WINTER here in South Africa and our winters are pretty fierce.  They keep saying it’s the ‘worst winter in ages’ but I don’t care.  It can be the best or the worst winter, I just think winter is mean.  Like the mean lady at the grocery store yelling at the clerks.  Winter has had some mean days and what did we ever do to winter to make it so mad?  But someone made winter happy because this week we have had SUNNY DAYS.  HOORAY FOR SUNNY DAYS.  Hooray for playing with dump trucks in the front yard.  Hooray for playgrounds.  Hooray for NOT wearing rain boots.  Hooray for sunshine.


Hooray for LIFE.  Hooray for friendship.  Hooray for time with family and date nights with Casey.  Hooray for Jesus weaving himself into our world and holding ALL things together.