Learning to Shine

March 2, 2015

We are working with young girls and guys all over Ocean View and feeling so excited about it so just wanted to share today what it is we are doing!

Hillsong Church has written a curriculum called Shine and Strength and we are partnering with them to teach these programs in the schools of Ocean View, and have done two Shine Women courses already at our church.

What is Shine and Strength??

“Shine is a collection of personal development mentoring tools for girls and women, designed to develop an understanding of personal worth, strength and purpose and to help girls realise their full potential.”

“Strength is a unique personal development and group mentoring tool for boys and men, that uses an inspirational, practical and experiential approach to learning.”

These programs are powerful and fun and based on biblical concepts that really come alive when we are sharing them.  For the community of Ocean View, many young people don’t really know their value and worth because of the many challenges they face before of poverty, gangsterism, violence and hopelessness.  These young people have so much potential for bright futures but often they don’t recognize it in the haze and peer pressure and negativity that can surround them.

We have found the young people are SUPER open and really enjoy coming to the course.  They take it seriously and share openly.  What a GIFT it is to us!

We look forward to continuing to expand the program and work with all the guys and girls we can get our hands on.  God is growing our team to lead the course and opening doors so we can reach more kids.  Please be praying that God would continue to use us and help these young people to SHINE!

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